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Head, Corporate Services

Employer : The African Talent Company | TATC

Location: Marina, Lagos

Elephant House, 214 Broad Street
Human Resources
Until February 28, 2019

Job Description:

Job Description

The Talent African Company TATC seeks qualified candidates in Nigeria  to fill this role


The Head, Corporate Services will provide high level administrative, human resources, financial planning and facility management support to the company. This role will be responsible for managing the process and systems that support individuals and managers to deliver efficiently and productively in their various portfolios.


The HCS will be actively responsible for supporting, developing and implementing strategic plans in accordance with the company’s objectives whilst coordinating processes that lead to operational efficiency across board. The main objective of the role is to deliver excellent administrative and operational services for the group.



Key Responsibilities

  • Perform oversight function over the Human Resources, Legal and regulatory compliance function, IT support services, corporate branding, finance, Admin and operations, learning, development and Management Services across the group;
  • Lead and coordinate the development and test run for new processes and systems, as well as roll-out of new corporate guide lines;
  • Design and implement global corporate services policies as well as develop solid business continuity and sustainability plans in alignment with the overall group objectives;
  • Develop a corporate communication system and corporate branding process that positions the company favorably amongst relevant stakeholders;
  • Work with the Executive Team and managers to identify current and future needs in corporate services, then prepare policies and systems to meet those needs.
  • Analyze financial and operational performance to identify opportunities and areas for improvement 
  • Coordinate IT support across the group
  • Support the Legal compliance and review function
  • Review and guide the overall provision of the Human Resources services, policies and programs for the entire group;
  • Champion the execution of the Company’s strategic plans in relation to its human resources and physical assets requirements;
  • Work closely with the human resource team and provide high level consultation to management on strategic staffing plans, compensation, benefits, training and development, budget, and other employee related issues;
  • Ensure all employees comply with the organizational culture as well as aspects of the Nigerian Labor Laws.
  • Oversee the activities of the Administration unit to ensure maximum availability of the Company’s resources and operational efficiency;
  • Ensure accountable measures and processes for proper procurement, management, facility planning and even disposal of Admin related assets and facilities for the group;
  • Ensure systemic stability and maximum availability of the Company’s resources for staff to perform optimally and effectively execute on their jobs
  • Participates in negotiations of admin related procurements to ensure assets and services are procured at the best price for the Company
  • Accountable for the capital and operating expenditure of the unit
  • Oversees Facilities Management and ensure business recovery plans are in place in cases of unforeseen eventualities;

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Company Name : The African Talent Company | TATC
Company Contact Email : lagos@tatcafrica.com
Company Contact No. : +234 813 985 9999 & +234 805 052 5675

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