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19 Jan Kickstart-Your-Coding-Career-with-Andela-Learning-Community-Powered-by-Microsoft

Kickstart Your Coding Career with Andela Learning Community Powered by Microsoft

The Andela Learning Community has come to be a burgeoning family of passionate technologists and developers, who are willing to impact their world positively through the power of technology. ALC 2.0 kicked off last month on a very high note with more than 15k applications from all over the country and Kenya.

A new addition to the ALC family is the ALC with Microsoft programme, which offers a priceless opportunity to anyone interested in Web development or advanced DevOps engineering using Microsoft’s Azure technologies. The programme will be hosted on the EdX learning platform.

Andela hopes to bridge the developer skill gap in Africa, and raise employable youths through this learning programme.

How to Apply

Click here to fill the application form.

Application deadline is on the 8th of December, 2017.

Check your Mail regularly for info on the assessment test. All assessments will be due on 15th of December, 2017, and learning commences shortly after.

The programme is offered in two tracks:

The beginner/intermediate track is for candidates, who have little to less than a year prior experience with programming. They love technology, have a laptop and a smartphone (optional) and are willing to commit 10+ hours per week to learn how to develop websites/web-apps with Microsoft’s Azure technologies.

The advanced track is for people with the relevant prior programming experience in DevOps or appropriate technical expertise who are ready to commit 10+ hours per week to further improve their skill.

ALC with Microsoft is open to any and every one, as long as you’re passionate about technology and willing to commit enough time to self-learning new skills.

For enquiries, send a mail to


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