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19 Jan Tête-à-tête-About-Career-Changes-in-Nigeria

Tête-à-tête About Career Changes in Nigeria

Back in the days, the career trend advised by our parents were medicine, law, engineering among other professional degrees. However, there has been a new trend where there is a big movement into the creative. Everyone seems to be quitting being a Doctor, in order to go to the studio and be a big star. We have makeup artists, fashion designers, musicians sprouting up every corner.

The government seems not to be left out as they keep encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone. Skill And Entrepreneurship Development Programs (SAED) have been made compulsory to all serving Corps Members of the country.

Many young individuals leave school with the mindset of starting a business without learning the foundation. It’s alright not to want a 9-5 job, nevertheless, one needs to understand the risks involved as a sole proprietor. A lot get into the business and after a year, there is no visible link for sustenance and continuity, they end up crashing a lifelong dream.

If we all leave the professional careers for uncharted waters, how then are the services rendered by these professionals actualized? It is perhaps disheartening the height of brain drain such sectors experiences due to lack of encouragement, recurrent strikes, among others.

Impressively, celebrities like Dr Sid, Funke Akindele, Tara Durotoye among others have had a successful shift from their known worlds of learning to channels of the profession not scholarly acknowledged in the classrooms.

A lot of people find themselves in careers they know nothing about due to the current economic recession, others involve themselves in areas where their technical expertise is not needed.

In all, for those interested in a career shift, it is best to:

Read about the given field, go online, study videos, podcasts about you new direction

Be sure about the path and pray for directive so as not to start an Israelite journey.

Believe you can do the new task.

Get A Mentor. It is best to learn from other’s pitfalls to avoid entrapping yourself in the same business snares they fell into.

Always Ask for Assistance. Ask for AIR whenever you need it. AIR means advice, Insights and Recommendation. Just as no individual can survive without AIR, No business idea can also survive without it.

Network with the right set of people.

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with a 9-5 job if you have the inclination for it. Don’t let the trend discourage you. Go where your passion leads.


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